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Inkjet prints mounted on aluminum, steel, plexiglass. 1000mm X 1000mm X 1000mm

INTERSECTION (TE WHANGANUI-A-TARA) is a site-specific public artwork that resituates historical photographic images of Wellington (New Zealand) back into their contemporary sites. The images—spanning over one hundred years—are sourced from various local and national archives. They are then digitally combined and resituated in the present-day site in the form of a glass cube whose highly reflective surfaces functions as a type of mirror that simultaneously reflects the present activities of the site over photographs of the site’s historical past. The original site—Te Whanganui-A-Tara— was a key indigenous Maori point of arrival which today has been paved over. The work is installed at this location and uses the visual void of a black cube to mark this place of historical erasure as a revisionist strategy of reinstatement.

Commissioned by the Art Box Project, Wellington, New Zealand. Curator: Katherine Allard



Civic Square, Wellington, New Zealand

INSTALLATION VIEW: Civic Square (Wellington)

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