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                  Architecture & Related Arts, University of Auckland, No. 12. Auckland, NZ

'Tell Me Tell Me' (review) Art Asia Pacific, No. 75. New York, NY, USA

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Intermission – a critical response” (essay)  One Day Sculpture. Eds. D. Cross & C. Doherty, Kerber Verlag, Germany.

                  Extended versions also published as: “Javier Téllez’ ‘Intermission’” (essay) One Day Sculpture – Critical Responses. Eds. D. Cross & C. Doherty, Massey                        University, New Zealand; and “One Day Sculpture. A response to Javier Téllez's Intermission” (essay) in Situations Papers, Situations, University of

                  West England, Bristol, UK


'Sounding the depths: Marcia Lyons’ Evolutions' (catalogue essay). Emergent Submersives. Bartley + Co Gallery, Wellington, NZ





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'Activating Korea' (review). Art Asia Pacific, No. 58. New York, NY, USA





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