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ASHES (AMSTERDAM) [2008] (projection version)

Single-channel digital video projection | 00:05:00 | Colour | Silent |4:3 | Dimensions: variable


ASHES [AMSTERDAM] documents an intimate and unscripted moment of an anonymous spreading of ashes into a canal at Homomonument, the international gay and lesbian monument in Amsterdam. The video utilizes a proprietary slow-motion technique that extends and expands an extraordinary and fleeting recorded moment of the everyday at the cusp of the still and moving image. The extended duration offers the viewer the ability to view the act of a final, posthumous ‘return’ to a symbolic home in the form of ashes.

Commissioned by ‘Projection on Lake’ project, Pasadena, US. Curator: David Bradshaw



Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia (2010)

Project Space – RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia (2010)

Engine Room, Wellington, New Zealand (2010)

Lake Avenue, Pasadena, California (2009)

See also: ASHES (AMSTERDAM) (essay version)



INSTALLATION VIEW: Federation Square (Melbourne, Australia)



INSTALLATION VIEW: Project Space, RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia)

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