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SENZA PAROLE [2002/2015]

Mixed media: Single-channel digital video projection - 00:04:26 - colour - silent - 4:3| Other materials: typewriter, table, chair, embossed paper 


SENZA PAROLE appropriates a homoerotic image of two men dancing the ‘twist’ together, embedded in the title-sequence of Pasolini’s film La Ricotta [1963]. This transgressive image, excavated from the title-sequence, is now isolated and projected onto a long sheet of embossed paper strung through an Olivetti typewriter, identical to one that Pasolini owned and used.

Companion work to VOLGAR ELOQUIO 

Part of the 'Pasolini Project' (1990-2022) - a project inspired by Italian filmmaker and poet Pier Paolo Pasolini. The series of works negotiate the complexities of the personal and the political by examining and mining Pasolini’s works and cultural artifacts in a quasi-archaeological and documentary-driven manner using tropes of the archival, the photographic and the indexical.

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