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SENZA PAROLE [2002/2015]

Mixed media: Single-channel digital video projection - 00:04:26 - colour - silent - 4:3| Other materials: typewriter, table, chair, embossed paper 


SENZA PAROLE appropriates a homoerotic image of two men dancing the ‘twist’ together, embedded in the title-sequence of Pasolini’s film La Ricotta [1963]. This transgressive image, excavated from the title-sequence, is now isolated and projected onto a long sheet of embossed paper strung through an Olivetti typewriter, identical to one that Pasolini owned and used.


Companion work to VOLGAR ELOQUIO 


Articule (Montréal)

A-Space (Toronto)

Moving Image Centre (Auckland)

New Zealand Film Archive (Wellington)

SCA Galleries (Sydney)


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SENZA PAROLE is part of the PASOLINI PROJECT - a project inspired by Italian filmmaker and poet Pier Paolo Pasolini


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