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FIELD [2013]​

Silver gelatin print mounted on aluminum (unique photograms), 1380 mm X 1070 mm X 30mm (each) Series : 7 unique prints. Edition: 1

FIELD consists of a series of large-scale photograms which explore the materiality of analogue photography and its relation to notions of visual and bodily perception. Each photogram is a unique, handmade photographic print using small circular objects of various sizes placed directly onto photosensitive paper and then exposed to light so that a direct trace of the object is imprinted onto the photo paper. Each print's unique abstract composition stresses the indexical nature of analogue photographic materials and processes. In addition to being clearly composed and constructed images made up of discernable elements, the photograms also manage to evoke and conjure up abstract spaces and imagery. FIELD negotiates the fine line between the abstract and the figurative, as it seeks to engage with materiality and perception of light. 


FIELD is part of the LUX PROJECT, a series of ‘cameraless photographic’ explorations that challenge the veracity of the photographic image. 


William Wright Artist Projects (Sydney)

Folonomo Gallery (Sydney)

INSTALLATION: William Wright Artist Project (Sydney, Australia)

FIELD I - IV [2013]

Edited Image 2013-12-19-7_52_59_edited.j

FIELD VII [2013] - detail

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