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Mixed media installation. Dimensions variable

BANDIERA NERA [Italian: Black Flag] is an installation inspired by the life and work of Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975), a politically engaged and outspoken queer intellectual. Pasolini has left behind a rich and varied body of filmic and written work that offers a pointed commentary of the political and societal forces that continue to affect us today. This installation examines and mines Pasolini’s works and cultural artifacts in a quasi-archaeological and documentary-driven manner using the archival, the photographic and the indexical. The work proposes a poetic ‘dialogue’ between the artist and Pasolini through the temporality of the moving image, and across spatial and physical surfaces and materials.

The installation consists of the following discrete works [selected]:


  • PONTE (VERTICALE) - Digital video projection, plywood

  • PONTE (ORIZONTALE) - Embossed works on paper, fluorescent lights

  • SENZA PAROLE - Digital video projection, typewriter, table, chair, embossed paper

  • VOLGAR ELOQUIO - Digital video projection

  • THEOREM - Digital video projection, digital photograph, glass, plywood

  • PUNTO - Digital video projection

  • TENEBRE - Series of large-scale Polaroid prints

  • GRAM/SCI - Work on paper

  • SILENCE PLEASE - Soundwork

Commissioned, in part, through an artist residency at the British School at Rome, Italy


SCA Galleries (Sydney)

BSR Gallery (Rome)



Gary Sangster, 'In Theory', Bandiera Nera. SCA Galleries, Sydney, 2015


Aleksandr A. Wansbrough, “Archaeological Journeys: John Di Stefano’s Bandiera Nera”. Alphaville - Journal of Film & Screen Media, 2016

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BANDIERA NERA is part of the PASOLINI PROJECT - a project inspired by Italian filmmaker and poet Pier Paolo Pasolini 


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