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VITALITY [1986 /1988]

  • Artist bookwork [1986] - hand-tinted, silver-gelatin photographic prints Edition. 2 (unique) ‘X’ and ‘Y’

  • Published artist bookwork [1988] - offset

A commentary on the codes of masculinity and gender through a collage of images derived from mass media and the family archive.


Artextes (Montréal) 


Published also as part of De humani corporis fabrica (Michèle Waquant), a collection of artist bookworks including Charcot: deux concepts de nature (Nicole Jolicoeur), and Oceania/Océanie (Anne Ramsden)


Michèle Waquant, 'De humani corporis fabrica', Artexte, Montréal, 1988

Joanne Lamoureux, 'L'Objet Livre'. International Artists' Book. Galerie Aubes, Montréal, 1986

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