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Janelle Evans (2017), Dot Dot, Dot, SCA Galleries, Sydney, Australia

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Gary Sangster (2015) 'Critical Intent', Tactical Imaginary, SCA Galleries, Sydney, Australia

Gary Sangster (2015) 'In Theory', Bandiera Nera. SCA Galleries, Sydney, Australia.

Robert Sinnerbrink, Gary Sangster, et. al. (2014) The Sceptical Image, SCA Galleries, Sydney, Australia

Javier Panera (2013) This is Not a Love Song, Virreina – Centre de la Imagen, Barcelona, Spain

Jacopo Benci (2013) Fine Arts, BSR Gallery – British School at Rome, Italy

Leontina Rotaru (2013) Spazi Aperti, Romanian Cultural Institute, Rome, Italy

Mercedes Vicente (2011) The Elliptical Return, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

Georg Elben ed. (2011) Videonale.13 – Contemporary Video Art. Kerber Verlag, Bielefeld, Germany

Mario Hibert (2011) Re:versus, Human Rights Film Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Martin Patrick (2010) Reconfigured Realities, Project Space – RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Martin Patrick (2010) Double Take/Time Frame: John Di Stefano & Ann Shelton, Engine Room, Wellington, New Zealand

F. Javier Panera (2008) Rock My Religion: Cruce de caminos entre el rock y las artes visuals, Domus Atrium, Salamanca, Spain

Yong-Soon Min (2007) Exquisite Crisis & Encounters, Asian/Pacific/American Institute, New York University, New York, US

Maeve Connolly (2004) 'Life in a Departure Lounge' in Transit: 2004 Fringe Festival - Visual Arts Program, Dublin, Ireland

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Sherry Simon (2002) Deviant Translations. Articule, Montréal, Canada

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