HUB [2000]

25:50 | Canada / New Zealand | English | Colour | Stereo | 4:3 | Single-channel video / video installation

Video installation version: multi-screen - dimensions & configurations variable



HUB is a video work that reflects on transnational displacement by examining the transitional architectural space of the airports, and positing these as possible places for the fluid inscription of the personal and the political. HUB proposes that within the context of transnationalism, the idea of home is perhaps better represented by the sense of being “between” places, rather than being rooted exclusively in one place and, by extension, to one identity. The idea of home as a type of “betweeness” is, in a traditional sense, an impossible space, but it is precisely this impossibility that necessitates a glimpse at a new way of thinking about belonging. HUB uses the transitory space of the airport--defined by comings and goings--to introduce the notion of disappearance as an articulation of shifting ideas about displacement, belonging and identity. HUB proposes that we think of the airport as both a home and a place of disappearance--not in the sense of vanishing, but rather in the sense of transformation. Here, home and belonging are no longer necessarily articulated by territorial sovereignty as they are in traditional notions of nation/nationalism, but rather are embodied by disaporic and displaced subjects.


HUB was cited by the publication Artforum (New York) in their 'Best of 2001' international survey (selected by writer/critic James Meyer)



Video Data Bank (Chicago)

V-Tape (Toronto)



Kassel Documentary Film Festival. Kassel, Germany [2001]

Para/Site Art Space. Hong Kong, China [2001]

Rymer Gallery - School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago, IL, USA [2001]

Ellen Art Gallery - Concordia University. Montréal, Canada [2001]

Visible Evidence Conference. Brisbane, Australia [2001]

Transmediale - Media Arts Festival. Berlin, Germany [2002]

Festival De Imagen. Bacarena, Portugal [2002]

Central Station. Cape Town, South Africa [2002]

Documentary Matters Conference. Auckland, New Zealand [2002]

e-Vision, Wellington, New Zealand [2003]

Poetics of Exile Conference. Auckland, New Zealand [2003]                  

New Zealand Art Biennale, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery. New Plymouth, New Zealand [2004]

OFF LOOP Festival. Barcelona, Spain [2006]

Distance: Performance over distance. Stoke-Newington International Airport, UK [2010]

Installation view: Rymer Gallery (Chicago)