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VOLGAR ELOQUIO [2002/2015]

Single-channel digital video projection | 00:17:00 | silent | black-&-white | 4:3 | Dimensions: variable


VOLGAR ELOQUIO comprises a performance-based video work depicting a typewriter typing a poem by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Versi del Testamento [Lines from the Testament] (1969), in real-time. It describes the manifestations of a profound sense of solitude.

Companion work to SENZA PAROLE

Part of the 'Pasolini Project' (1990-2022) - a project inspired by Italian filmmaker and poet Pier Paolo Pasolini. The series of works negotiate the complexities of the personal and the political by examining and mining Pasolini’s works and cultural artifacts in a quasi-archaeological and documentary-driven manner using tropes of the archival, the photographic and the indexical.

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