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DISCO project [1991-1993]



             The project challenges the ahistorical notion that the discotheque was merely a space for ‘leisure activity’ by positing it also as a significant historical and                        cultural place created as an expression of contemporary urban gay identity. It retraces an autobiographical trajectory back to a pre-AIDS period in order to                     mourn a generation of gay men who were part of the “disco generation” and who have also succumbed to the disease.


              The installation project consists of the following discrete works:


           Never Can Say Goodbye (1991) - billboard (3m x 7m) 

           Tell Me Why (1991) - time-based media installation – audio / photography (variable)

           (Tell Me Why) The Epistemology of Disco (1990) - single-channel video (24 minutes)  (see above)

           Coming of Age (1991) - published artist project - offset




Never Can Say Goodbye - billboard 

Tell Me Why (1991) - time-based media installation 

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