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WEAVE [2017]

Mixed media installation: Single-channel digital video projection - 00:59:59 looped - Black-&-white - 4:3 | Other materials: ground quartz | installation dimensions: variable


WEAVE is a video work that explores the materiality of analogue video and its relation to notions of visual and bodily perception. WEAVE employs ‘video noise’—the random and constantly changing dot pattern of electromagnetic static—whose origins are in the stellar atmosphere. WEAVE attempts to reframe this ‘video noise’, visible as a random flicker of dots in perpetual movement, by freezing it through a series of delay mechanisms creating a ghost-like pattern of afterimages, and seeks to engage with the fluid relationship between the materiality and perception of light as an expression of time. By considering light as a sensorial and symbolic material, this work engages haptically and tests the experiential and temporal parameters of the photographic through the video medium.

This project is related to WE'VE [2013]

This project is related to the LUX PROJECT [2013-present]

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