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REGISTER [2014]​

Silver gelatin print mounted on aluminum (unique photograms).1380 mm X 1070 mm X 30mm (each). Series : 7 unique prints.  Edition: 1

REGISTER is a photographic project consisting of a series of large-scale photograms which explore the materiality of analogue photography and its relation to notions of visual and bodily perception. Each photogram is a unique, handmade photographic print painstakingly composed by the artist. The photograms are constructed by overlaying various matrices placed directly onto photosensitive paper and then exposed to light so that a direct, indexical trace of the object is imprinted onto the photo paper. The fusion of these matrices creates misalignments, or moirés - unwanted residue of photomechanical and print imagery, when banding misregisters. Each print's unique abstract and random composition stresses the indexical nature of analogue photographic materials and processes. I


REGISTER is part of the LUX PROJECT, a series of ‘cameraless photographic’ explorations that challenge the veracity of the photographic image. 


SCA Galleries (Sydney)

Folonomo Gallery (Sydney)



Sceptical instal_1_edited.jpg

Register II [2014] detail

Edited Image 2014-10-19-15_2_25_edited.j
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