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AKIMBO [2011]

Mixed media installation: Single-channel digital video projection - 00:03:38 looped - colour - 4:3 | Inkjet print mounted on aluminium - 1000 mm x 1600 mm | installation dimensions: variable



AKIMBO is an installation comprised of a large-scale photograph, and a single-channel video. A short and otherwise fleeting moment from a family super-8 film of the artist as a young boy at his family home in Canada (c. 1972) is isolated and extended using a slow-motion technique. In the original film, the artist spontaneously strikes an ‘effeminate’ gesture (i.e. akimbo) which visually echoes the physical stance taken in a photograph of his mother as a young girl standing in her family garden in Italy (c. 1939). The gesture that the artist performs represents a moment of rupture and displacement of conventional male heteronormative behaviour within the traditional Italian immigrant familial narrative. 


ENJOY Public Art Gallery (Wellington)

AKIMBO is part of THE RETURN project

INSTALLATION VIEW: ENJOY Public Art Gallery (Wellington)

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